The time before, during and after a woman is pregnant is some of the scariest yet exciting and if you are planning on starting a family there are a number of things that you will have to do and should take into consideration in order to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Why Important

Diet is extremely important the entire way through the process and not only makes sure the baby is developing properly in the womb but also that the mother is getting the nutrients she requires in order to support the little life inside of her. Many women who are both trying to conceive and are already pregnant are advised by their doctors to take vitamin supplements. This provides the additional iron, folic acid and other minerals that are required during this time. Elevit can also be taken after pregnancy to replace the nutrients that the new mother loses whilst breastfeeding.

Benefits provided before pregnancy

The female body should be in as healthy a condition as possible in order to conceive and there are certain minerals and vitamins that when taken in extra yet controlled doses can help the chances of a successful conception. When you take the supplement before pregnancy whilst you are trying to conceive, you are effectively preparing your body and getting it into a good enough and healthy enough condition to grow a foetus.

Benefits provided during pregnancy

During pregnancy, the nutrients in the mother’s body are being shared and absorbed by her developing baby. By taking the supplement on a daily basis the important vitamins and minerals are replaced so that both mother and baby get all that they need for a healthy pregnancy and birth.